Most who are searching for help in the area of addiction usually struggle in their attempts to find help.  Although we don't have any quick fixes or all of the answers we do provide suggestions stemming from our own experiences.  MHM is a Christian recovery resource office.  We stand at the front line of addiction to meet those truly seeking help from their addiction.  We offer services not only to the addicted but also to the families, local churches, pastors, and judicial systems.  MHM is a simple ministry.  We focus efforts primarily in three areas:  Resources, Support, and Safe House / Transitional Living.





In the same way Human Resource offices pull from their resources to meet the needs of the individual, we do the same.  We work with those addicted and their families to assess their need to find the most suitable recovery options.  We provide contact information for Halfway Houses, Long Term, and Short Term Faith Based Treatment facilities as well as secular bases programs.  We trust that through prayer and direction from the Holy Spirit that those who seeking help will have their needs met.  Our desire is to expand our resources in the areas of job placement, education, employment, housing, etc.  Recovery is more that just the absence of alcohol and drugs, the total person must be considered.  Manna House Ministries will attempt to assist those who are in need to find the resources most appropriate for their situation. We will assist in helping each individual search for treatment options, educational opportunities, employment and housing. 
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MHM sponsors selected Bible Studies and  Serenity Fellowships Celebrate Recovery support group meetings.  This is a Christ Centered 12 step recovery approach to overcome addiction through step studies and open discussion.  We sponsor meetings for both the addicted and their family members.  We also encourage sponsorship.  This creates accountability for the new comers so that their progress can be monitored.  We can also provide 12-step support information for those who must travel or for those relocating to other areas. 
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Safe House
Transitional Living:



In the future we hope to offer transitional living and long term treatment.  The Safe House aspect is to meet the needs of those waiting to be placed in treatment.  Often times after being discharged from the hospital the addict will have to wait for a few days for an opening in a treatment facility.  Returning to the same environment for the addict often leads to self-destruction.  MHM can act as a safe house environment, as a place for those in recovery to drop in and find shelter from everyday temptations.  Transitional Living/Treatment can provide housing for those in need of long-term recovery program and wish to return to this area.  Their progress will be monitored through random drug testing and support group attendance.  This environment will provide multiple classes, work therapy, accountability, Bible studies, etc. 
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