1.   Treatment Resources:

When initial contact is made, a representative of Manna House will first do an assessment of the one seeking help. In the same way Human Resource offices pull from their resources to meet the needs of the individual, we do the same. We work with those addicted and their families to assess their need to find the most suitable recovery options. We provide contact information for Halfway Houses, Long Term and Short Term Faith Based Treatment facilities as well as secular based programs. We trust that through prayer, and direction from the Holy Spirit those seeking help will have their needs met.


2.  Educational Resources:

Manna House encourages everyone to seek further education whether itís a GED diploma, College, Technical School or Trade School. We will attempt to help each individual find the opportunity which can enable them to live a life satisfying to them.


3.  Jobs:

We can direct those seeking employment to job placement centers or day labor resources where applicable. We have no way to employ anyone, so we try to point those seeking employment in the directions available.


4.  Housing Resources:

For those making the transition back into the community we will attempt to help them find housing through classified ads and various apartment complexes, etc.


5.  Resource Goals:

Our desire is to expand our resources in the areas of education, job placement, employment, housing etc. Recovery is more than just the absence of alcohol and drugs, the total person must be considered.